If you do not wish to file an online form you may contact the Parkland College Title IX Coordinator, Vice President Michael Trame at 217-351-2551 or come to room U334.

You may choose to report anonymously but please note that anonymous reporting will significantly limit the college’s ability to respond.

Person Submitting Form

Incident Information

For the next three questions, please include as much information and detail as you can. Please provide real names and contact information when possible.

Law Enforcement Reporting

Has this incident been reported to law enforcement?

College Knowledge

Do you want the college to know about the incident?

Checking "Yes" means you authorize this report to be sent to the Title IX Coordinator which alerts Parkland College to officially respond to the incident.
Checking "No" means you do not wish Parkland College to be officially informed of this incident. This means you only want to talk with a confidential advisor about the information submitted.