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Parkland Multi-factor Authentication

Welcome users of Parkland technology,
Campus Technologies would like to introduce you to an exciting piece of technology that will add enhanced security to the Parkland systems you access every day: Multi-factor Authentication by Okta This site will help you register with Okta so that you are all set when you attempt to access an application that requires authentication through Okta.

What is MFA?

Let's start with the term "multi-factor authentication". It has to be better than single-factor since more is better, right?
Yes - simply put, MFA is the requirement of two or more proofs of identity before gaining access to a system. We'll let our friends at the National Institute of Standards and Technology tell it best:

MFA, sometimes referred to as two-factor authentication or 2FA, is a security enhancement that allows you to present two pieces of evidence - your credentials - when logging in to an account. Your credentials fall into any of these three categories: something you know (like a password or PIN), something you have (like a smart card), or something you are (like your fingerprint).

Need more? How about a two minute video on the benefits of MFA.

We hope that makes sense, and don't worry, fingerprints and other biometrics will not be required for authentication to Parkland College systems.

Introducing Okta!

Okta is a robust MFA security platform that will keep Parkland's network, data, and users safer from the threat of phishing and cyberattacks. It will allow you to sign in with your ParklandOne credentials and utilize a second factor such as:

  • Okta Verify mobile application (recommended)
    Okta Verify is a mobile app that verifies your identity when you sign in to your Parkland apps managed by Okta. After you install the app on your device, you can verify your identity by approving an Okta Verify push notification or by using a one-time code generated by the app. Confirming your identity allows Okta to sign you in to your account securely. Additional information can be found in our helpful Knowledge Base article.
  • Google Authenticator
    After you install and configure Google Authenticator on a compatible mobile device, click on the app and use the six-digit number to authenticate when prompted. You can learn more in our helpful Knowledge Base article.
  • SMS text message
    End users sign in and authenticate by entering a security token that is sent to their mobile device as a SMS text message. Here's a helpful Knowledge Base article to explain this option further.
  • Voice call
    To sign in, you must enter a security token that is generated, then sent to you via phone call from a mobile device or land line phone. Review our Knowledge Base article for more information
  • Cute otters swimming on their backs
    Unfortunately, that's n'otter real option - due to the scarcity of trained otters.
    otter swimming on its back

Are you ready?

Let's get started. Follow the instructions below to register your account with Okta and enable MFA. Extensive instructions (including screenshots) can be found at our Knowledge Base

  1. Click the register button

  2. Enter your ParklandOne username and password, and select sign in

  3. Choose a security image and then select Create My Account

  4. Set up one or more of your multi-factor authentication options by selecting the corresponding Setup buttons

  5. When you are done setting up your desired factors, select Finish button


We want to assure you that we're here to help you and handle any issues that you may encounter - Today. Tomorrow. Together. Please reach out to us at the Tech Service Desk by calling 217/353-3333 or emailing

To help ease some common concerns and to address questions that are asked often, please check out the following: Okta - Multifactor Authentication FAQ