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For a gift by check, please make it payable to: Parkland College Foundation, 2400 W. Bradley Ave, Champaign, IL 61821

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  • $2500: tuition and fees for a full-time student for one semester (15 hours)
  • $1000: tuition and fees for a part-time student for one semester (6 hours)
  • $500: tuition and fees for one course, or books for one semester (3 hours)
  • $150: tuition and fees for one credit hour/one book

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Creating Impact for Parkland consists of alumni, parents, friends, and community leaders who are committed to the mission of Parkland College to engage the community in learning. Your annual unrestricted gift ensures that Parkland College is better equipped to provide an excellent educational environment for students and to address Parkland College's most urgent needs - providing scholarship assistance, securing vital resources for students and faculty, and enhancing technology at the college.

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For questions / information, pelase contact
Tracy Wahlfeldt
Executive Director
Parkland College Foundation
(217) 373-3789